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Engine Dynamometer Test Systems


The Power Test water brake engine dynamometer is designed for testing a wide range of equipment with one unit. Our engine dynamometers are designed, manufactured, sold and supported by an experienced group of engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service personnel. Our engine dynamometers are the solution for your engine dyno test needs of today as well for years to come. Numerous types of engine dynamometers may be purchased from Power Test, including water brake, AC regenerative, and eddy current engine dynos.

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doc ptd   doc x   PTX Engine Dynamometer   

H36-SERIES Engine Dynamometer   EC-SERIES Engine Dynamometer   Z-SERIES Engine Dynamometer                    




Chassis dynamometer Test Systems

 Power Test chassis dynos feature precision ground, structural steel frames, dynamically balanced roll sets and do not use gearboxes. When these features are combined with our legendary water brake absorbers or durable eddy current absorbers and the PowerNet control system, you have a chassis dynamometer you can count on. 


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   EC-SERIES Chassis Dynamometer   CF42- Chassis Dynamometer   Motorized Chassis Dynamometer   CF22- Chassis Dynamometer   






Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stands

 In 2006, Power Test purchased the transmission dynamometer and hydraulic testing equipment division of Aidco International. The Aidco name has been recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of transmission dynos and test stands. Power Test dynamometer has expanded its product offerings with the addition of the AIDCO Test Systems hydraulic test stands, transmission dynamometers, and valve body test stands for mass-transit, heavy duty, off-highway and military applications. As a result, Power Test is now your one-source dynamometer provider for testing your principle power train components and vehicles.

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PowerNet TD Data Acquisition and Control   450 Transmission Test Stand   Model 255 Valve Body Test Stand 

850 Hydraulic Test Center   Model 900c Hydraulic Test Center   Model 900 Hydraulic Test Center   ESC Electronic Shift Console 




Agricultural PTO Dynamometer Test Systems


 The AG Series features an air-cooled eddy current dynamometer designed to meet the demand for reliable, portable PTO testing. This results in lower maintenance costs and fewer reliability issues than those normally associated with agricultural dynamometers that typically rely on a friction brake or hydraulic pump design.

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AG-Series Agricultural Dynamometer



 Performance Dynamometer Test Systems, Stuska.



Stuska has been manufacturing durable, affordable performance tuning dynamometer systems since 1963. In 2002, Power Test purchased Stuska Engineering. The tradition of the affordable, reliable Stuska water brake dyno combined with Power Test's advanced data acquisition and controls mean that you get the best performance tuning value for your dollar from a sole source manufacturer of dynamometers, electronics and support equipment. With a full complement of engineering, manufacturing, software and electronics capabilities, along with an experienced and dedicated staff, Power Test is able to provide the gasoline engine performance tuning market with the same quality and reliability found in every Power Test product.

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Electric Motor Dynamometer Test Systems

Power Test's Electric Motor Test Systems feature our highly successful water brakeabsorber which is used as an electric motor dynamometer to place a controllable load on electric motors ranging from 10 through 4,500 horsepower.Power Test offers a full-range of data acquisition packages, from basic instrumentation to fully automated testing systems to ensure that you achieve the most from your Power Test EMTS system. We offer various other accessories for the electric motor dyno and comprehensive customer service to help determine your testing needs. Electric motor dynamometers accessories include flexible coupling motor adapters and mechanical spacer mounts for NEMA or IEC motors. A self-contained water storage and recirculation system is available for use in areas without a readily available fresh water supply.




 Dynamometer Data Acquisition & Control Systems



Power Test offers outstanding dynamometer data acquisition and control systems for engine and chassis dynamometers, including basic instrumentation and controls, specially designed desktop PC systems and interfaces, and our advanced Workstation systems.

All of our dynamometer data acquisition and control systems are Windows based, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use system in a familiar environment.


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Power Data Acquisition and Control   PowerNet LT Data Acquisition and Control   







Containerized Dynamometer Systems



The Fully Contained Transportable (FCT) Dynamometer Series is specially engineered to use the dyno's shipping containers as the final testing facility, allowing for a transportable, secure testing solution available at a lower cost to the end user. This allows for the dynamometer to be easily transported to the rebuilding facility, and benefits those who would not normally have the space or finances for a dedicated test cell.


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